Students at Success are now 1-to-1 with Apple Macbook Air laptops! Every student upon enrollment will be assigned a macbook for school use throughout the day. Students everyday are learning more about technology and how it can be utilized in the classroom. Google Classroom is being used throughout our campus as a way for teachers to efficiently communicate assigments and grades to students. We are extremely excited about the direction that Success is headed in terms of technology and look forward to the future!

        Every Teachers' room is equipped with an instructional iPad for everyday lessons. They use these with the apple TV that is also in every classroom so that lessons can be viewed for the entire class on a LCD Television or Projector screen. They can also use their teacher Laptops or even the Student Laptops to show lessons or student work on on the given screen. 

        Success teachers have recently been granted access to Smartboards in their classrooms.  We are excited to see the impact this technology will have on lesson plans and how they will allow student more interactive possibilities in their education.