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Sportsmanship Award

       Students are tracked on a daily basis for both positive comments (good job, way to go keep your head up, etc.) and also negative comments (cussing, checking, etc.) At the end of the week the student who has the most positive points total will recieve the weekly award. The winner each week will recieve a gift certificate to  various restaurants and stores. 

Travarus Smith Week 17

Daisia Pfiefer Week 16

Leslie Smith Week 15


Cody Hilderbran Week 14


Damon Whitt Week 13

Kentrell Week 12

Ivan Ramirez

Ivan Ramirez Week 11

Denise Escobedo

Denise Escobedo Week 10
Tia and Marlene

Tia Hatchett Week 8
Marlene Composano Week 9

Brody Allen

Brody Allen Week 6

Dustin Neer

Dustin Neer Week 5

DD Spencer

Week of September 27th
DD Spencer 
 Deliliah Johnson
Week of September 20th

Delilah Johnson 

Week of September 13th
Tatyana McRay 

Week of August 30th
Chris Bondon